Virtual Reality Beginner's Guide

Virtual Reality Beginner's Guide

$ 10.00

Inspired by Google Cardboard, this affordable, easy-to-assemble kit from DODOcase is truly amazing. Fly through the Grand Canyon. Explore London from your living room. Create your own 360-degree photo spheres and watch videos on an immersive screen. All you need is your smartphone to unleash the power of virtual reality!

Includes a guide to the technology and promise of virtual reality, teaching you how to make the most of your new viewer, revealing the science behind this revolutionary experience, and sharing an exclusive interview with the creators of Google Cardboard.

Kit includes everything you need to start exploring 3D applications and videos with your smartphone (pre-cut cardboard VR headset, German-designed biconvex lenses, and NFC tag).

Touchscreen smartphone required
Android 4.2 or iPhone iOS 7 or above recommended
Maximum device size 3” x 6”

For the full list of phones compatible with the Google Cardboard app, visit

For viewer assembly instructions, visit

Portions of this guide are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License at